Nasal T/NK-cell lymphoma - case report

Ewa Kalinka-Warzocha, Krzysztof Warzocha


In the present paper we describe clinical course of nasal T/NK cell lymphoma diagnosed on the
basis of histopathologic examination of tumor lesion within the base of nose (Ann Arbor IIA).
The patient received chemotherapy according to CN3OP (cyclophosphamide, mitoxantrone,
vincristine, prednisone) and IVAC (etoposide, ifosfamide, cytarabine) protocols. His initial
response to chemotherapy was good, but rapid disease progression within skin and lungs
subsequently occured. The patient died due to cardio-pulmonary insufficiency 7 months after
lymphoma diagnosis. This report reveals diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties of the very rare
nasal T/NK cell lymphoma.


nasal lymphoma; diagnosis; treatment; prognosis
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