Jugular phlebectasia presenting as globus pharyngeus

J. Czyżowski, K. A. Tomaszewski, J. A. Walocha


Even though much has been written on the aetiology of globus pharyngeus, itstill remains elusive and multifactorial. We present a case of a 54-year-old womanwho was referred by an orthopedist to the radiology department with a 6-dayhistory of an intense feeling of “pressure” and “tightness” in the jugular notch.After performing a contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan, a phlebectasiaof the right anterior jugular vein was discovered. When trying to determinethe cause of the globus sensation one has to consider the possible existence ofa phlebectasia of one of the jugular veins.


jugular phlebectasia, jugular vein, contrast-enhanced computed tomography, globus pharyngeus

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