Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome and alveolar epithelium apoptosis: an histopathological and immunohistochemical study.

S Tóth, S PingorovĂĄ, Z JonecovĂĄ, R Morochovic, M Pomfy, J VeselĂĄ

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Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome results from a variety of different initial insults, including trauma, sepsis, pneumonia and aspiration, and represents a severe form of acute lung injury. The lung samples of a 20-year-old man who had suffered a serious motorbike accident were obtained for histological examination. He died on the seventh day as a consequence of respiratory failure. The typical histopathological features of syndrome overlapping the first exudative phase into the second proliferate phase were observed. The apoptotic index of the early apoptotic phase evaluated using M30CytoDEATH was 3.4+/-0.2. The average number of apoptotic cells in the intermediate and late phases measured using the TUNEL method was 9.8+/-0.7. Our findings indicate that alveolar epithelium apoptosis seems to be less important during the early phases of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome.


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